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The Memory Craft 10000 is the most advanced Memory Craft ever. It offers more versatility than any other home embroidery machine on the market today, including the ability to be updated via software. It can embroider any size, and converts from ordinary sewing to embroidery in just 2 steps. It's quite simply the fastest, best quality machine available.

Top Eight Reasons to Purchase the MC 10000

#1 Versatility


The Embroidery Machine That Adapts Your Needs

The Memory Craft 10000 is the most versatile machine on the market. Use it as a stand-alone unit with cutting edge features. Or, transfer embroidery data back and forth between your MC 10000 and your computer . . .whether they are in the same room, separate rooms or different locations. Plus, with Janome software, take advantage of your computer's power for even more creativity.


Versatile Built-In Features . . .Create Beautiful Embroidery Without A Computer

The MC 1000 has built-in embroidery editing capabilities that enable you to combine and manipulate designs on the Visual Touch Screen. Look at the following embroidery edit features that can be used without Janome software or a computer.


Mirror image a design with one touch using the Horizontal Flip key.


Flip your design upside down using the Vertical Flip key.


Rotate your design in 5 degree or 45 degree increments using the Rotate key.


Resize your design from 80% to 120% of its original size using the Size key.


Let the Memory Craft 10000 confirm that your design will fit into the hoop you selected.


The Color key allows you to change the individual color separations in your embroidery design to give it a whole new look. Plus, you can change the background color to match color of your actual fabric.


Three fonts, Gothic, Script and Cheltenham are easily accessible for all of your monogramming needs. Monograms are available in three sizes and can be used independently or combined with other embroidery designs.


Take advantage of the convenience of pre-programmed embroidery PC Cards. Designs are created in the .JEF format.


Utilize the vast library of pre-programmed Memory Cards that are already in existence. Simply insert your Memory Card in the Card Reader 10000 and you have instant access to .SEW designs.


Use the Edit screen functions to combine built-in designs, monogramming, PC Card designs and Memory Card designs to create one-of-a-kind design layouts.


Versatile Data Transfer


Two Ports Make It Easy To Transfer Data By Direct PC-Link

We built two different ports - USB and Serial Port - into the Memory Craft 10000 for direct connection to your computer. With either connection you can quickly transfer embroidery designs to and from your machine.


The USB Connection

It's all plug and play. No need for extra steps. Connect your Memory Craft 10000 to your computer with a USB cable - and you're all set to go! USB (Universal Serial Bus) has become the industry standard on newer computers. It offers lightning quick transfer of data and designs between your computer and the MC 10000. Data transfer is dramatically faster than a serial connection. The MC 10000 is the only embroidery machine with a built-in USB port.


The Serial Port Connection

The MC 10000 also offers direct connection using an RS232C cable - otherwise known as a serial port cable. This cable connects the MC 10000 to your computer's serial port, which is commonly available on most older computers and laptops.


Fast, Easy Design Transfer Without PC Link - Via ATA PC Cards

Some Memory Craft 10000 owners may not have the luxury of a computer in their sewing room. In that case, an ATA PC Card - the "floppy of the future" - allows you to transfer embroidery data without directly connecting the MC 10000 to your computer. Like a floppy disk, the ATA PC Card reads and writes embroidery data. But it has a much greater capacity and transfer speed. For example, one 32MB ATA PC Card holds more embroidery data than 22 floppy disks. Using Janome software and your computer, you can save designs to an ATA PC Card. Then just place the card in the PC Card Slot on the MC 10000 and select your design of choice. The Memory Craft 10000 is the only embroidery machine on the market that can use ATA PC Cards.


ATA PC cards are compatible with both laptop and desktop computers.


Most laptops made since 1997 have built-in PCMCIA ports, which accept ATA PC cards.


Your desktop computer can read and write to ATA PC cards by using an inexpensive reader/writer device.


Using Janome software, create a design or download one from the Internet. Send it to your machine and you're ready to embroider.


#2 Updateability


Software Upgrades Keep Your Machine From Becoming Obsolete

How would you like to enhance your machine with new capabilities, new functions, and updated features - long after you've bought it? Like programs for our home computer, the operating systems for the MC 10000 can be updated - via Janome's  website, CD ROM, or ATA PC Card.


Get Your Upgrades On The Janome Website

You won't need to go any further than your own computer to download the latest version of your Memory Craft 10000. Just click and download from Janome's website at


If you don't have a computer with Internet access, your dealer can provide the update for you.


Install Your Upgrade Quickly

Once you've downloaded an upgrade to your computer you can quickly install it in your Memory 10000 in one of three ways - USB, RS232C or ATA PC Card.


Whether you are using a USB cable of an RS232C (serial Port) cable, the process is simple.


First: Connect your Memory Craft 10000 to your computer.


Second: Turn on your MC 10000 in the Update Mode.


Third: Click the "Start Update" command. The installation begins!


If you're not using direct PC Link (via USB or RS232C cable), download the update to an ATA PC Card. Then simply insert the card into the PC Card Slot on the MC 10000 and turn the machine on in Update Mode. The installation begins!


The Visual Touch Screen confirms that the installation is in progress.


The installation is complete when the Visual Touch Screen turns green.


#3 Embroidery Size


Embroider The Smallest Cuff To The Largest Wall Hanging With Ease

Whether embroidery in tight spaces or wide-open places, you'll have a hoop for the job. And, you're not limited by hoop size. The amazing Clothsetter 10000 guarantees perfect placement of designs - within a hoop or beyond. Your creativity - and the size of your embroidery - have no limits.


Four Hoops Set Your Creativity Free

Memory Craft 10000 has four different hoop sizes - two standard and two optional - for whatever size design you plan to embroider.


Standard Size: Hoop A

At 4.3" x 4.3", Hoop A is the optimum size for 80% of commercial embroidery designs. This includes most Memory Card, PC Design Card and build -in designs.


Large Size: Hoop B

Our large, rectangular Hoop B measures 5.5" x 7.9" - perfect for longer (or wider) designs. It handles the largest of the Memory Card, PC Design Card, and built-in designs.


Tiny Wonder: The Free Arm Hoop

A first from Janome. At just 2" x 2", the optional Free Arm Hoop introduces a radical new possibility; embroidery in tight, hard to reach areas (like cuffs or pant legs) without taking everything apart. This is only possible due to Janome's patented built-in embroidery mechanism. Using the MC 10000's free arm in combination with the Free Arm Hoop, makes seemingly impossible embroidery projects not only possible, but also enjoyable.


The Biggest Thing In Memory Craft Embroidery: Giga Hoop

The Giga Hoop has taken legendary Janome stitch quality to new dimensions - 9.1" x 7.9" to be exact. Big designs and multiple design layouts can be stitched without re-hooping. To maximize your Giga Hoop experience, Janome has included the EasyGigaHoop layout program in Customizer 10000 software. EasyGigaHoop provides visual aids and guidelines for creating a  perfect "Giga" design.


Clothsetter 10000 Gives You Accuracy Nobody Else Can Match

No other brand of embroidery machine gives you the placement accuracy of the MC10000 because no other brand has the amazing Clothsetter 10000. It is patented by Janome. Only Janome has it! You can be confident of perfect design placement.


The Clothsetter 10000 is indispensable for accurate positioning of a single design within any one individual hoop.


It also ensures accurate placement of multiple designs within any one individual hoop.


Plus, it accurately places a series of designs - of any size - that extend outside the hoop.


#4 2-Step Conversion From Sewing to Embroidery


2-Step Conversion From Sewing To Embroidery Without A Bulky Attachment

The Memory Craft 10000 converts from Regular Sewing to Professional-Style Embroidery faster than any other machine on the market. And it does so without a bulky external attachment.


It takes only 2 steps...

Step 1: Attach the Embroidery Foot.

Step 2: Touch the Embroidery Mode Key

...2 quick steps, now you're ready for embroidery.


When you choose a design, the embroidery arm moves into position. Attach the embroidery hoop and you're set to go!


Why can the Memory Craft 10000 convert from regular sewing to embroidery in only 2 steps without a bulky attachment?

The embroidery arm is built-in. It's telescopic. And, it's patented by Janome. Only the Memory Craft 10000 has it! No bulky external attachment like other brands. No wasted time. No storage issues. Conversion from sewing to embroidery in only 2 steps.


#5 Speed


The Fastest Home Embroidery Machine On The Market

The speed of at which the Memory Craft 10000 transfers - via USB or ATA PC Card - is unequaled. Conversion from regular sewing to professional-style embroidery is a lightning quick, 2-step process - the fastest in the industry. And, the MC 10000's 800 spm embroidery speed is unsurpassed.


Speed of USB Cable

USB is the standard for transferring data between a computer and a peripheral. Only the Memory Craft 10000 offers this cutting edge technology to the home embroidery market. This allows you to transfer embroidery designs betrween your computer and your machine in the blink of an eye.


Speed of ATA PC Cards

The ATA PC Card is the new standard for a removable storage device. The ATA PC Card does everything that  a floppy disk does but it's much faster and has much greater capacity. This means that you can save or retrieve embroidery designs in milliseconds.


Speed To Convert From Sewing To Embroidery - Only 2 Steps

The Memory Craft 10000 makes converting from sewing to embroidery a breeze. No need to attach a bulky embroidery unit. Just change the foot and press the Embroidery Mode Key. Two only takes a few seconds!


Embroidery Sewing Speed - 800 Stitches Per Minute

The Memory Craft 10000 can embroider at speeds of up to 800 stitches per minute. This challenges the speed of commercial equipment. No competitive model is faster.




The Quality Comparison

Make "quality" a primary factor in your choice of a new machine. We believe that Janome offers the best quality on the market. It's no surprise that other manufacturers may make similar statements. So, how can you judge for yourself? We suggest that you comparison-shop in person. Here are seven important questions to consider as you shop. They all relate to "quality".


Is The Machine Well-Built?

The MC 10000 features one-piece aluminum casting. It's strong and durable - built for the long haul. Feel the quality at your fingertip. Open the lids. Push the buttons. Run the machine.


Is The Sewing Area Well Lit?

Bright, dual sewing lights illuminate your work and make sewing relaxing for your eyes.


How Well Does It Handle Heavy Fabrics

Bring heavyweight denim fabric when you visit your Janome dealer. Fold it up to several thicknesses.


Notice that the extra-high presser foot lift provides 1/2" of clearance. Yoou can slide several layers of denim or other bulky fabrics under the presser foot with ease.


As you sew through a heavy fabric like denim, you will feel the power of the Memory Craft 10000's DC motor. You will see for yourself immediately that the MC 10000 is a "workhorse."


How Well Does It Handle Delicate Lightweight Fabrics?

Bring samples of chiffon, tricot or silk to your Janome dealer. When you sit down to sew, you will notice the MC 10000 handles even the most challenging fabrics.


The proven Janome top loading bobbin system assures smooth jam-proof performance.


The 7-piece feed dog surrounds the needle to support the fabric. you get pucker-free results on even the most difficult fabric.


Is It Quiet?

High-tech, bi-polar stepping motors provide smooth, precise performance - with reduced noise and minimal vibration. Whether stitching decorative stitches, buttonholes or embroidery - the MC 10000 is "whisper-quiet."


Is The Embroidery Stitching Top Quality

Make sure to inspect examples of MC 10000 embroidery at your Janome dealer. Be sure to notice the depth and dimension that have made Janome embroidery stand out in the crowd.


Does It Make Top Quality Buttonholes?

The Memory Craft 10000 offers eleven styles of buttonholes. Styles include rounded and keyhole buttonholes, as well as tailored, stretch, antique and welted buttonholes. The buttonhole foot measures your button to produce a buttonhole that is exactly the right size. Plus, you can customize the width and density of both columns of all buttonholes. Make sure to test sew buttonholes on several types of fabrics at your Janome dealer.


#7 Software


Janome Has Software Just For You

If you simply wish to transfer designs between your MC 10000 and your computer, Media Kit #1 is for you. Customizer 1000 provides the ability to create and layout designs. Digitizer 10000 offers advanced tools to create more detailed embroider.


Media Kit #1

Media Kit #1 has the basic software and PC Link accessories you need to transfer data from your computer to your Memory Craft 10000. It contains one of each cable (USB and RS232C), a software program (Easy Transfer), and an instructional video CD Rom.


Customizer 10000

The Customizer 10000 software is for Memory Craft 10000 owners who have a computer and want to create embroidery designs and layouts. It contains three programs.: EasyImport, EasyEdit and EasyGigaHoop. Single designs or layouts can be sent to and from the MC 10000 using USB, Rs232C or ATA PC Card.


Customizer 10000 EasyImport

EasyImport provides the ability to create an original embroidery design from a graphic image. The Auto Register feature helps you create one-of-a-kind embroidery designs in seconds.


Customizer 10000 EasyEdit

Create unique layouts in EasyEdit. Combine, resize and manipulate individual designs to create embroidery of any size - even as large as a tablecloth.


Customizer 10000 EasyGigaHoop

The EasyGigaHoop program lets you create a layout by combining designs for the optional Giga Hoop.


Digitizer 10000

Digitizer 10000 offers the most versatility in a home embroidery software package. The ability to convert to other embroidery formats to the Janome format creates unlimited possibilities. Plus you send your newly digitized embroidery designs directly to your MC 10000 via USB, RS232C or ATA PC Card.


Digitizer 10000 EasyDesign

Use the extensive digitizing tools in EasyDesign to professionally digitize a design. Or, use the new Click-to Design feature to automatically convert your image into embroidery in two simple steps. This program contains 45 lettering fonts, an Embroidery Gallery of designs and has the ability to create exquisite appliques.


Digitizer 10000 EasyEdit

Use this part of the program to dissect and manipulate designs stitch by stitch.


Easy Transfer

You can import and embroidery design in the .jef or .sew format and transfer it to the Memory Craft 10000 via USB, RS232C or ATA PC Card.


#8 Janome Support


Janome Supports You and Your Memory Craft 10000

Along with your authorized Janome dealer, Janome is committed to providing support for you and your machine. Take advantage of the many sources available to you.


Janome Online

The official Janome website at provides projects, techniques, accessory lists, updates and frequently asked questions for Memory Craft 10000 owners.


Janome Digest

The quarterly publication, Janome Digest, is a great source of inspirational projects for Memory Craft 10000 owners. Embroidery projects are always featured, along with specialty articles on software. If it is the latest sewing trend, it's in Janome Digest.


MC 10K Support Desk

While the latest technology offers many advantages, it can also create many questions. The MC 10K Support Desk e-mail address provides personalized e-mail responses and telephone assistance for Memory Craft 10000 owners.


MC 10K Hotline

As a Memory Craft 10000 owner you are already on the fast track. But to stay there, we'll put you on the MC 10K Hot Line. This free e-mail list from Janome, instantly informs owners of new accessories, updates, special offers and other timely information regarding the MC 10000.


Standard Accessories:

  • Embroidery Hoop (A) (With Template)

  • Embroidery Hoop (B) (With Template)

  • Foot Control

  • Knee Lifter

  • Template Sheets (for Built-in Designs)

  • Hard Cover (Carrying Case)

  • Automatic buttonhole Foot R

  • Satin Stitch Foot F

  • Embroidery Foot P

  • Zig-zag Foot A

  • Blind Hem Foot G

  • Overedge Foot C

  • 1/4" Seam Foot O

  • Cording Foot H

  • Rolled Hem Foot D

  • Zipper Foot E

  • Overcasting Foot M

  • Button Sewing Foot T

  • Walking Foot

  • Screwdriver

  • Set of needles

  • Quilting Bar for Walking Foot

  • Scissors

  • Spool Pin Felt

  • Lint Brush

  • Additional Spool Pin

  • Seam Ripper

  • Spool Holder (Small)

  • Bobbins

  • Button Shank Plate

  • Cloth Guide

  • Basting/Darning Foot P-2

  • Quilting Bar

  • Instruction Books

For information about these standard accessories, as well as all the fine optional accessories available for the machine, see the complete list below.





Customizer 10000

Designer Clipart (Christmas Collection II)

Designer Clipart (Floral Collection 1)

Designer Clipart (Kitchen Collection 1)

Digitizer 10000

Media Kit #1


PC Design Cards

PC Design Card #1001 (Big Floral Collection)

PC Design Card #1002 (Heirloom Collection)

PC Design Card #1003 (Border Collection)

PC Design Card #1004 (Quilt Collection)

PC Design Card #1005 (Puck & Friends)

PC Design Card #1006 (Doll Face Collection)

PC Design Card #1007 (Christmas Collection)

PC Design Card #1008 (Small Floral Collection)

PC Design Card #1009 (Victorian Rose Collection)

PC Design Card #1010 (Flower Collection)

PC Design Card #1011 (K-Lace Peacock Collection I)

PC Design Card #1012 (K-Lace Peacock Collection II)

PC Design Card #1013 (Lace Collection)

PC Design Card #1014 (Christmas Collection II)

PC Design Card #1015 (Oriental Collection)


Memory Cards

Card Reader 10000

Memory Card #102 (Floral Art & Quilting)

Memory Card #103 (Sewing)

Memory Card #104 (Ocean Life)

Memory Card #105 (Calendar)

Memory Card #106 (Quilting)

Memory Card #107 (Cutwork)

Memory Card #108 (Applique Monogram)

Memory Card #109 (Christmas I)

Memory Card #110 (Christmas II)

Memory Card #111 (Women's Sports)

Memory Card #112 (Farm)

Memory Card #113 (Wild Life & Fishing)

Memory Card #114 (Angel)

Memory Card #115 (Kipper)

Memory Card #116 (Bird)

Memory Card #117 (3-Letter Monogram)

Memory Card #118 (Border)

Memory Card #119 (Australian Floral)

Memory Card #121 (Floral Designs I)

Memory Card #122 (Gobelin Stitch Floral Designs)

Memory Card #123 (Horse Designs)

Memory Card #124 (Christmas Designs 3)

Memory Card #125 (Floral Designs II)

Memory Card #126 (Leaf Designs)

Memory Card #127 (Felix The Cat)

Memory Card #128 (Children's Designs)

Memory Card #129 (K-Lace Series)

Memory Card #130 (Alpine Flower Designs)

Memory Card #131 (Cross Stitch Border Designs)

Memory Card #132 (Border Designs 2)

Memory Card #133 (Felix Christmas)

Memory Card #134 (Christmas 1)

Memory Card #135 (Christmas 2)

Memory Card #136 (Zoo Animal Designs)

Memory Card #137 (Floral Monogram Designs 1)

Memory Card #138 (Big Floral Designs)

Memory Card #139 (Baby Bits Designs)

Memory Card #140 (Butterfly Designs)

Memory Card #141 (Ornamental Motif Designs)

Memory Card #142 (Scroll Designs)

Memory Card #143 (Dog Designs)

Memory Card #144 (Cat Designs)

Memory Card #145 (Oriental Floral Designs)

Memory Card #146 (Western Designs)

Memory Card #147 (Pet Bird Designs)

Memory Card #148 (Baby Animal Designs)

Memory Card #149 (Heirloom Designs)

Memory Card #150 (Blinky Bill)

Memory Card #151 (Christmas Collectibles)

Memory Card #154 (Quilt Designs)

Memory Card #155 (Flower Designs)

Memory Card #156 (Border Designs 3)

Memory Card #157 (Floral Designs 3)

Memory Card #158 (Victorian Rose Designs)

Memory Card #A-1 (Australia)

Memory Card #Au-1 (Americana)

Memory Card #N1 (New Zealand)

Memory Card #S101 (Noah's Ark 1)

Memory Card #S101 (Noah's Ark 1)

Memory Card #S101 (Noah's Ark II)

Memory Card #U101 (Mexico)



Embroidery Hoop - Free-Arm C

Embroidery Hoop - Giga, D



Clothsetter 10000


Presser Feet

Adjustable Blind Hem Food G

Applique Foot F

Beading Foot Set

Binder Foot

Custom Crafted Zig-Zag Foot

Cording Foot H

Custom Crafted Zig-Zag Foot

Deep Groove Pintuck Foot (5 Grooves)

Even Feed Foot with Quilt Guide (embroidery machines)

Fringe Foot (embroidery machines)

Gathering Foot

Hemmer Foot 4mm

Hemmer Foot 6mm

Narrow Base Zipper Foot

Pintuck Cord Guides

Pintuck Foot (7 groove)

Piping Foot

Ribbon/Sequin Foot

Roller Foot

Rotary Even Foot

Ruffler, Universal (top loading machines)

Satin Stitch Foot F

Straight Stitch Foot H

Tricot Foot (embroidery machines)

Ultraglide Foot


Embroidery Bobbin Thread-4 spools 800m per spool

Embroidery Thread / per Spool

Embroidery Thread Assortment Box No. 1

Embroidery Thread Assortment Box No. 2

Embroidery Thread Assortment Box No. 3


Needle-Twin, Center Position

Needle-Wing, Size 16

Needles-Assorted Ball Point

Needles-Assorted Leather

Needles-Assorted Universal

Needles-Ball Point, Size 11

Needles-Ball Point, Size 14

Needles-Blue Tip, Size 11

Needles-Leather, Size 14

Needles-Leather, Size 16

Needles-Red Tip, Size 14

Needles-Serger, Topstitch, Size 14

Needles-Topstitch, Assorted Size 11 and 14

Needles-Universal, Size 11

Needles-Universal, Size 12

Needles-Universal, Size 14

Needles-Universal, Size 16

Needles-Universal, Size 9

Transparent Thread for Miraclestitcher/per Spool


Miscellaneous Accessories

ATA PC Card - 8 MB

Bobbin  - Plastic

Circular Sewing Attachment

Embroidery Essentials Kit

Idea Book 1 The Lace Collection

Janome Digest Magazine

Miraclestitcher Kit (high shank)

RS232C (Adapter) Cable

RS232C (Serial) Cable

Spool Stand

USB Cable


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