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Memory Craft 8000 (When Available)

While the Memory Craft 8000 is no longer part of our current line, we still receive many questions regarding parts, accessories, and new Memory Cards. Its accessories are listed below.

Standard Accessories:

  • Memory Card #002 (Design Series)

  • Memory Card #001 (Monogram)

  • Blind Hem Foot G

  • Cording Foot H

  • Embroidery Foot P

  • Hemmer Foot 2mm D

  • Overcasting Foot M

  • Overedge Foot C

  • Satin Stitch Foot F

  • Automatic Buttonhole Foot F

  • Zig-Zag Foot A

  • Zipper Foot E

  • Rectangular Embroidery Hoop #1

  • Template

  • Quilting Bar

  • Screwdriver (L)

  • Scissors

  • Seam Ripper

  • Set of Needles

  • Bobbins (4)

  • Additional Spool Pin

  • Spool Pin Felt

  • Spool Holder (L, S)

For information about these standard accessories, as well as all the fine optional accessories available for this machine, see the complete list below.


Miscellaneous Accessories

Bobbin - Plastic

Circular Sewing Attachment

Idea Book 1 The Lace Collection

Janome Digest Magazine

Miraclestitcher Kit (high shank)

Spool Stand

Video - Memory Craft 8000


Memory Cards

Memory Card #002 (Design)

Memory Card #003 (Flowers)

Memory Card #004 (Variety)

Memory Card #005 (Holiday)

Memory Card #006 (Floral)

Memory Card #012 (Big Floral II)

Memory Card #013 (Fruits and Vegetables)

Memory Card #014 (Motor Sports)

Memory Card #015 (Cross Stitch)

Memory Card #016 (Cats)

Memory Card #022 (Fish)

Memory Card #024 (Special Occasions)

Memory Card #027 (Musical Instruments)

Memory Card #028 (Gold Jewelry)

Memory Card #029 (Cutwork)

Memory Card #031 (Birds)

Memory Card #032 (Christmas)

Memory Card #037 (Christmas Series 2)

Memory Card #038 (Floral Series 2)

Memory Card #039 (K-Lace Series)

Memory Card #Au-1 (Americana)

Memory Card #N1 (New Zealand)



Presser Feet

1/4 inch Seam Foot O

Adjustable Blind Hem Food G

Applique Foot F

Beading Foot Set

Binder Foot

Blind Hem Foot G

Button Sewing Foot

Cording Foot H

Custom Crafted Zig-Zag Foot

Darning Foot P2 (embroidery machines)

Deep Groove Pintuck Foot (5 Grooves)

Embroidery Foot P

Even Feed Foot (embroidery machines)

Even Feed Foot with Quilt Guide (embroidery machines)

Fringe Foot (embroidery machines)

Gathering Foot

Hemmer Foot 2mmD

Hemmer Foot 4mm

Hemmer Foot 6mm

Narrow Base Zipper Foot

Overcast Foot M

Overlock Foot C

Pintuck Cord Guides

Pintuck Foot (7 groove)

Piping Foot

Ribbon/Sequin Foot

Roller Foot

Rotary Even Foot

Ruffler, Universal (top loading machines)

Satin Stitch Foot F

Sliding Buttonhole Foot R

Straight Stitch Foot H

Tricot Foot (embroidery machines)

Ultraglide Foot

Zig-Zag Foot A

Zig-Zag Foot A "8000"

Zipper Foot E




Embroidery Bobbin Thread-4 spools 800m per spool

Embroidery Thread / per Spool

Embroidery Thread Assortment Box No. 1

Embroidery Thread Assortment Box No. 2

Embroidery Thread Assortment Box No. 3


Needle-Twin, Center Position

Needle-Wing, Size 16

Needles-Assorted Ball Point

Needles-Assorted Leather

Needles-Assorted Universal

Needles-Ball Point, Size 11

Needles-Ball Point, Size 14

Needles-Blue Tip, Size 11

Needles-Leather, Size 14

Needles-Leather, Size 16

Needles-Red Tip, Size 14

Needles-Serger, Topstitch, Size 14

Needles-Topstitch, Assorted Size 11 and 14

Needles-Universal, Size 11

Needles-Universal, Size 12

Needles-Universal, Size 14

Needles-Universal, Size 16

Needles-Universal, Size 9



Clothsetter I



Owner's Workbook for Memory Craft 8000



Embroidery Hoop - Circular, #2 (MC 8000)

Embroidery Hoop - Rectangular (MC 8000)


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